Vice Chancellor


Dr. M.K Abdul Khader(Khader Mangad)

Vice-Chancellor, Kannur University (State University) (15.04.2013 onwards) 

Vice- Chancellor, University of Calicut (Additional charge from 11.08.2015 to 21.11.2015)

Tel    : 0497-2706310
Fax    : 0497-2707350

Email : 


  • Ph.D. English (Kannur University)
  • Research Guide (Bharathiar University)
  • M.A. English Language and Literature (University of Calicut)
  • B.Ed. English. (University of Calicut

Age and date of Birth                          : 58 years (10.05.1958)

Teaching Experience:

  •  Degree Teaching-27 years.
  • P.G. Teaching-13 years.

Membership in Academic bodies:

1. Member, Association of Commonwealth Universities, London, United Kingdom.

2. Member, Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

3. Member, Chancellor’s Council, Kerala.


4. Member Governing Council, Kerala State Higher Education Council.


5. Member, Selection Committee for Autonomous Colleges in Kerala.


6.Member, Governing Council, Inter University Centre for Biomedical Research and Super specialty Hospital, Mahathma Gandhi University, Kottayam.


7. Member, Inter- University Intellectual Property Rights, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin.


8. Chairman, Government Committee for fixing Terms and Conditions for the Self-Financing Colleges in Kerala.




Awards Received


1.      100 Most Influential Vice-Chancellors Award by CSR Foundation India at Lands End Taj Hotel, Mumbai in June 2016.


2.      Rashtriya Gourav Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Kolkata in Feb 2016.


3.      Higher Education Leadership Award by Elets Techno media, UP, India in August 2016.


4.      Nation Builder Award by Rotary Club, Kasaragod chapter in July 2015.


5.      Sadbhavana Award by Sadbhavana cultural forum Trikaripur in July 2016.








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Paper Presentations


1.                “Private Public Partnership in Higher Education” –“Jnana Sangama” National Convention on Higher Education on 28th May 2016 by Govt. Of Karnataka & Elets at Lalith Ashok Hotel, Bangalore.


2.                “Administrative Autonomy” South Zone VC’s conference in Chennai. 13th and 14th Nov. 2014.


3.                “Internationalisation of Universities in Kerala Global Education Meet” by Govt. of Kerala-Leela Hotel, Trivandrum on 30th Jan. 2016.


4.                “Role of Universities in Skill Development” International Conference conducted by IT mission and Elets, Delhi at Leela Hotel Kovalam, Trivandrum 14th November 2014.


5.                “Skill Development Initiatives to Boost Employability” Government of Kerala and Elets 15th Nov. 2015 - Leela Hotel, Kovalam.


6.                “What Universities can do to enhance quality of Higher Education” Vice-Chancellors Conference.  Cusat Cochin. On 18th September 2014.


7.                “Diaspora and its impact on writers” National Seminar at Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum on 10th December, 2015.


8.                “International practice in Assessment and Accreditation in Quality Education” World Education Summit New Delhi on 07th August 2014.


9.                 “Signification of Intimacy in Kamala Das” at the National Seminar on Postcolonial Literatures at Govt. Women’s College, Kannur on 22nd December, 2005.


10.           “Spectrum of Intimacy in Kamala Das” at the National Seminar on Perspectives in Indian English Fiction at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on 27 and 28 March 2006.


11.           “The Sandal Trees and the Aroma of the Mathala Flowers” at the National Seminar at Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad on 24th September, 2008.




 Conferences/Seminars/ Work shops

1.        Participated discussion on “Responsible University; Society Impact and Growth” on 26th, 27th and 28th in Accra, Ghana, West Africa conducted by Association of Commonwealth Universities, London.

2.        Addressed the MBA students of Calw University in Germany in Feb. 2015.

3.        Attended All India Vice-Chancellors Conference organized by Association of Indian Universities’ at Ghorakpur, UP on 2nd 3rd and 4th of May. 2013.

4.        Attended All India Vice-Chancellors Conference organized by Association of Indian Universities’ at Lovely Professional University Jalandar, Panjab in May 2015.

5.        Organised Vice-chancellor’s conference at Mangattuparamba, Kannur on 19th Aug.2013.

6.        Attended South Zone Vice-chancellor’s conference at Alliance University, Bangalore in December 2015.

7.        Attended South Zone Vice-Chancellors conference at Hotel Crowne Plaza  in Cochin on 12th and 13th of Nov.2013.

8.        Attended UGC 60th year Celebration inaugurated by Shri Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India at  Vigyan Bhavan New Delhi on 28th December 2013.

9.        Chaired International Conference “Credit Transfer on Transnational Education held at Mascot Hotel Trivandrum on “0n3rd January 2014.

10.    Organised Two day National Seminar writ India-08 sponsored by UGC and hosted by PG Department of English, NAS College, Kanhangad on 23rd and 24th of September 2008.

11.    Attended 3 day International Conference on “Teacher Development” at Vellore VIT University, Tamil Nadu from 16th to 18th June 2011 conducted jointly by English Language Teachers Association of India, British Council and University of Cambridge.

12.    Attended four days’ International Education Meet held at Le- Meridian Convention Centre, Cochin between 4th and 7th February 2006 organized by Govt. of Kerala and actively participated in interaction sessions twice.

13.    Attended two days’ International Seminar on “The Canada-Quebec Divide: A Multidisciplinary approach” on 16th and 17th Dec. 2003 at University of Kerala, Trivandrum.

14.    Presided over the II session of the National Seminar on “Contemporary Indian English Poetry” conducted by Department of English, Govt. Brennen College Thalassery on 12th and 13th of August, 2004.

15.    Initiated and participated two day workshop on “Total Quality Management in Higher Education” on 16thand 17th of Feb. 2004 conducted by Nehru Arts and Science College, Kanhangad.

16.    Attended two day National Workshop on Credit and Semester System conducted by Kannur University on 28th and 29th of March 2006.

17.    Attended two day National Seminar on “Mapping Linguistic Identity: Global Perspectives in Language and Literature” conducted by the Post Graduate Department of English, Government College, Kasaragod on 28th and 29th of January 2009.

18.  Inaugurated more than hundred International and National Seminars and workshops at various places and delivered lectures during the last three years.


 Invited Talks

 1. “Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis” Radio talk at All India Radio, Kannur on 6.7.08.

 2. “Patterns of Intimacy in Kamala Das” Radio talk at All India Radio, Kannur on 27.07.07.

 3. “Ormakalil Kamala Das”. Radio talks All India Radio Kannur. on 12.6.2009





Distance Education


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