Circulars, Notifications & Order


Circular & Notifications
  1. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination dated 16-04-2021  Download PDF
  2. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination dated 18-03-2021  Download PDF
  3. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination dated 27-02-2021  Download PDF
  4. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination dated 18-02-2021 Download PDF
  5. Kannur University - Single Window Admission 2020-21 -  Details of the Students who got Admission to Various Programmes - Regards  Download PDF
  6. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination dated 28-01-2021 Download PDF
  7. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination Download PDF
  8. Memo - List of Students Approved for the Last Chance of Re-registration for BTech Examination Download PDF
  9. Notification - Applications are invited for the New Generation Courses for the Academic Year 2020- 21 Download PDF
  10. Circular - Instructions for Admission to New Generation Programmes (UG/PG) allowed for 2020 - 21 Academic Year Download PDF
  11. MBA Programme under Credit based Semester System w.e.f 2014 Admission - Conduct of 'Organizational Study' in III Semester - Alternative Arrangement Covid 19 Scenario -Guidelines Modified Download PDF
  12. Circular - Xmas Vacantion 2020 Download PDF
  13. Circular - Instructions for BEd Admission 2020 - 2021 Download PDF
  14. Notification - Applications are invited for Starting new Colleges/ (Except Engineering/ Medical and Allied Subjects) from Co-operative sector alone, During the Academic Year 2021-2022 Download PDF
  15. Memo - Granting the One Last Chance of Re-registration (applicable to all semesters) of BTech Students Download PDF
  16. Circular - Permission Granted for conducting Online Interview for the Candidates in Lakshwadweep for UG / PG Admission 2020-2021 Download PDF
  17. Memo - Granting the One Last Chance of Re-registration (applicable to all semesters) of BTech Students, who have take admission from 2007 to 2014. Download PDF
  18. Circular - Granting Permission to conduct online interview for candidates tested Covid 19 Positive or Quarantined Download PDF
  19. Circular - Admission to Department UG/ PG - Producing the Original Certificates - Completing the Admission Procedure for those who did not have the UG result Download PDF
  20. Notification - Applications are invited for the Admission to the PG programmes (MA Journalism and Mass Communication) in various institutions for the Academic year 2020-2021 Download PDF
  21. Circular - 2020 Onam vacation to departments/centers/affiliated Colleges Download PDF
  22. Notification - Re-constituting the board of Studies in Engineering Download PDF
  23. Circular - Admission to M.A bharathanatyam, B.A. Bharthanatyam and B.A. Karnatak Music for the Year 2020 Download PDF
  24. Circular - Admission to the Afzal-Ul-Ulama Preliminary Course for the Academic Year 2020-21 Download PDF
  25. Circular - Extension of time for Submission of staff profile Download PDF
  26. Circular - Minimum Qualification for the appointment of Principals and Teachers of Unaided/self financing Colleges Download PDF
  27. Circular - Guidelines for Online Classes During Covid -19 Lock down Period Download PDF
  28. Higher Education - Guidelines for the conduct of online classes During Covid - 19 Lock down Period Download PDF
  29. Maternity Leave for Teaching and Non-teaching staff in Self Financing Colleges Download PDF
  30. Circular- Meeting of Principals of all affiliated colleges held - 25-01-2020 Download PDF
  31. Circular- Meeting of the Monitoring committee with the office bearers of Self-Financing B.Ed College Management AssociationDownload PDFF
  32. Permission for lnternal lmprovement - (Sessional) Assessment of B Tech Programme Download PDF
  33. Notifications - Board of Studies in English (UG), proposals are invited from the Teachers, Academicians and Research Scholars for writing/compiling/editing textbooks. Download PDF
  34. Circular- Meeting of Principals of all affiliated colleges Download PDF
  35. Circular- Staff Profile Submission 2019-20 Aided and Unaided colleges for self financing courses Download PDF
  36. Circular- Placement/Promotion under CAS-Inviting PBAs Proforma with APIs- Download PDF

  1. UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Education Institutions ) Regulation 2015 - Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Reconstituted Download PDF
  2. Kannur University - Teaching Departments/ Centres/ Research Centres - Fee structure of Foreign students at Kannur University for all Programmes at par with that of Indian students - Fixed - orders issued.  Download PDF
  3. Permission for Sessional Assessment (Internal) improvement chance for BTech Programme - modified Guidelines - Approved  Download PDF
  4. Maternity Leave to the Female Students - All Programmes except PhD Programme under the University - Sanctioned  Download PDF
  5. Starting of a new Arts and Science College (unaided), under IIHT, Thottada, Kannur-Provisional Affiliation to BSc Costume & Fashion Designing Programmed 2020-21 Granted Download PDF
  6. Two Year BEd Programme - Revision of Scheme & Syllabus for 2019-21 Batch Online Teaching Practice Permitted for 2019-2021 batch in the Covid-19 Situation- Guidelines for the conduct of internship implemented Download PDF
  7. Permission for Sessional Assessment (internal) Improvement Chance for BTech Programme- Modified Guidelines Download PDF
  8. SIGBA Institute of Advanced Studies - Provisional Affiliation to BSc. Psychology and BSc. Geography- for the year 2020-21- Granted Download PDF
  9. Choice based Credit and Semester system (OBE) -III semester Complementary Elective Course (Sociology) for BSW Programme w.e.f 2019 admission-Modified Download PDF
  10. PG Courses Under SDE -  Regulation for Post Graduates (w.e.f 2011 admission) - Change of Pass Condition Implemented Download PDF
  11. Assessment of inter semester candidates in the post Covid-19 Situation - Fixing Modalities - Expert committee constituted Download PDF
  12. U.O Relaxation of the Entrance Test -  Modified Regulations for PG Programmes in the Schools/ Departments of Kannur University Download PDF
  13. PG Courses under SDE-Regulations for Post Graduate Courses-Change of Pass Condition-Order Issued Download PDF
  14. UGC Regulation 2020 -Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) -Order Issued Download PDF
  15. Director Of Physical Education-Constitution Of Sports Grievance Redressal CommitteeDownload PDF
  16. Conducting special examination for participant of youth Exchange programme-Download PDF
  17. DSS - Fee concession to blind students Download PDF
  18. Cocession for the wards of Kashmiri Migrants and Kashmiri Pnadit Families-higher educations institutions Download PDF
  19. Amendment to regulation for Choice Based Credits and Semester System for Undergraduate UG-Programme 2019 Download PDF
  20. Collection of fees SEBC/FC-BPL Students _Orders issued Download PDF
  21. Recognition of M A Geography (Regular) Degree of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi _Orders issued Download PDF
  22. Recognition of M A Psychology (Distance) Degree of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) _Orders issued Download PDF
  23. DSS-Board of Adjudication of Students Grievances (BASG) members nominated -Committee Reconstituted-Orders issued Download PDF
  24. Naming of Kannur University, Thalassery Campus, Palayad -In the memory of Janaki Ammal Orders-issued Download PDF
  25. UG Programme under CCSS_2009-13 admission_issuance of Position Certificate- existing Orders revoked-revised orders-issued Download PDF
  26. Recognition of BSc Forestry  degree of Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University _Orders issued Download PDF
  27. PG Courses_ Granting Grace Marks to students on par with Under Graduate Students-Sanctioned Order Download PDF
  28. Order- Starting of Diploma course in Yoga and Fitness Training- Department of Physical Education, University Campus, Mangattuparamba Download PDF
  1. സർവകലാശാല പഠനവകുപ്പുകളിലെയും ന്യൂനപക്ഷ സ്ഥാപനങ്ങൾ ഒഴികെയുള്ള  അഫിലിയേറ്റഡ്‌ കോളേജുകളിലെയും പ്രവേശനം 2020-21 അക്കാദമിക് വര്ഷം മുതൽ  മുന്നാക്ക വിഭാഗങ്ങളിലെ സാമ്പത്തികമായി പിന്നാക്കം നിൽക്കുന്ന  വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾക്ക്  ( Economically Weaker Section -EWS)10% സംവരണം ഏർപ്പെടുത്തി ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു. Download PDF
  2. Order - Amendment of BEd. Reservation and Prospectus Download PDF
  3. B.A Afzal- Ul-Ulama Arabic Degree Course - Admissron 'fot 2O2O-21, in the colleges Affiliated to Kannur University Download PDF
  4. Notification for PG Admission through single window for the academic year 2020-2021 Download PDF
  5. Regulation for B.Tech Degree Course  Effective from 2007 admission - subclause of clause 11 relaxed and one last chance for Re-Registation Permitted -Revised Order Issued Download PDF
  6. Two year Bed Degree Programme implemented w.e.f 2015 admission - Eligibility Criteria for Admission to BEd in Commerce Reinstated with effect from 2019-20 admission - Approved - Order Issued Download PDF
  7. Choice based Credit and Semester System - Complementary Elective Courses for BSW programme - 2019 Admission - Order Issued Download PDF
  8. Modified Norms under Sports Quota for Admission & criteria for Additional Seats under Sports Quota Admission - Order Issued Download PDF
  9. Regulations for B.Tech Degree Courses effective from 2007 admission Download PDF
  10. Order_Special weightage for admission to B.Ed Degree Programme Download PDF
  11. Order_P.G Students those who discontinued their course of study_Old Registration Cancelled and take new admission in regular mode Download PDF
  12. Circular_Afzal_Ul_Ulama Preliminary Course in Arabic 2018-19 admission in Darul Irshad Arabic College, Paral Download PDF
  13. Order - School/College Admission for OEC Students Download PDF
  14. Order - Readmission Procedures for the students who admitted UG courses before the year 2014. Download PDF
  15. Revised Elegibility Criteria for admission for candidates of BSc Mathematics(Honours) under grading pattern of 2013 admission-modified orders issued Download PDF
  16. Sport Quota reservation - UG/PG Courses
  17. Order - Single Window System for Admission to the UG Programmes in Affiliated Arts & Science Collegesweightage of marks(modified)-revised Order issued. Download PDF
  18. Order - MCA Programme-Uniform academic eligibility for admission-implemented w.e.f 2016 admn. onwards.-Download PDF
  19. Order -Single Window System for admission to the Degree Programme in Affiliated Arts & Science Colleges of Kannur University- Eligibility criteria for 2015 admission- Modified- Orders Download PDF
  20. Rules for admission to P.G Programmes
  21. Rules for admission to P.G Programmes – Weightage marks enhanced from 5% to 10% - with effect from 2015 admission onwards - Download PDF
  22. University Order-M.A Philosophy -Eligibility Criteria and Weightage of marks for admission Download PDF
  23. University Order-Sports Quota Reservation-U.G & P.G Courses in the affiliated Arts & Science Colleges and University Teaching Departments Download PDF
  24. University Order-B.Com Course- Admission of candidates who have passed /completed UG/PG Programme under Faculties other than Faculties of Commerce and Management Studies  Download PDF
  25. University Order-B.Com Degree holders of this University- Permissions to take different optional subjects under Part III of B.Com Degree after qualifying for P.G Degree   Download PDF
  26. MCA Programme- Uniform academic eligibility for admission  Download PDF
  27. Eligibility criteria for U.G courses  w.e.f 2014 admission Download PDF
  28. University Order- Admission of students from Mahe to the Government Colleges under this University Download PDF
  29. University Order-Admission Rules for P G Programmes offered at the University Teaching Depts. Download PDF
  30. University Order- Admission to PG Programmes including MBA,MCA,MSW etc- Eligibility criteria for admission for candidates Download PDF
  31. P.G Admission Criteria & Guidelines Download PDF
  1. Order - DSS - Awarding Grace Marks to winners of University Arts Festival, Inter University Arts Festival & south zone Arts Festival 2019-2020 Sanctioned to 2nd year UG Students Download PDF
  2. Order - Kannur University -  Grace Mark and Other Benefits in University Examinations for PWD Students and  Victims of Endosulfan- Order Issued   Download PDF
  3. Order - DSS - Awarding Grace Marks to winners of University Arts Festival, Inter University Arts Festival & south zone Arts Festival 2019-2020 Download PDF
  4. Order - CAS Colelge Madayi- III year NCC Grace Mark for the year 2019- 2020 Download PDF
  5. Order - Special concession to mentally challenged students of UG/PG Programmes for University Examinations -Modified -Orders issued Download PDF
  6. Circular_Submission for NCC Grace Mark Application_Regarding Download PDF
  7. Order - Guidelines for conducting  written examination for persons with disabilities-Modified –Orders issued Download PDF
  8. University Order- Guidelines for award of Grace grade to NCC,NSS and Arts students appearing for Regular and Supplementary Examinations of UG Courses under Grading System/CCSS Download PDF
  1. Fee Structure - Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics - Department of Information Technology, Mangattu Parmba - Kannur Unviersity Download PDF
  2. Fee rates for Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Analytics (PGDDS) at Managattuparmba Campus Download PDF
  3. Fee rates for MCA (2 Years) at Department of IT Palayad and Palayad IT Center for the Academic Year 2020-2021- Order Issued Download PDF
  4. Order -  Fee structure of School of Pedagogical Science Dharmasala w.e.f 2020-21 academic year Download PDF
  5. Order -Fee rates of MSc Computer Science (Dept. of IT, Mangattuparamba) Programme with effect from 2019-20 Academic year Download PDF
  6. Fee for various purposes related to affiliation -Enhanced w.e.f 01-04-2019 Download PDF
  7. Fee rates_Enhancement of various Course related fee rates_sanctioned_orders issued  Download PDF
  8. Order -University Departments-Refunding of Fees to the candidates who discontinue the course before and after the closing date of Admn. Download PDF
  9. Order -Fee rates of 2 year B Ed Courses with effect from 2018 admission Download PDF
  10. Service Charge _5 % Fee hike_orders issued Download PDF
  11. Fee rates_Enhancement of various fee rates_sanctioned_orders issued  Download PDF
  12. Fee for Various Purposes related to Affiliation_Enhanced w.e.f 01-04-2018 Ordes issued Download PDF
  13. Re-admission and Condonation fee enhancement Order Download PDF
  14. Fee rate of two year M.Ed Course with effect from 2017 admission onwards_Approved Orders Download PDF
  15. Order -Fee rates of 2 year B Ed & M Ed Courses with effect from 2015 admission Download PDF
  16. University Order-Teaching Dept. -PG/profeesional courses-semester fees-date of remittance Download PDF
  17. Enhancement of various fee rates Download PDF
  18. University Order- Collection of Special Fee in  Unaided Colleges Download PDF
  1. Povisional Affiliation - B.A Political Science programme at E.K.N.M Govt. College, Elerithattu, Kasaragod for the academic year 2020-2021 - Granted Download PD
  2. Provisional Affiliation - MSc. Electronics Porgramme at Government College Mananthavady for the academic year 2020-2021 - Granted Download PDF
  3. Time schedule for applying for Continuation of Provisional Affiliation (CPA) from the Academic Year 2020-21 onwards_Circular Download PDF
  4. Fee for various purposes related to affiliation of Colleges/Courses,etc- fixed/enhanced-Orders Download PDF
  5. Order-Kalliassery Amsteck Arts and Science College-Provisional Affiliation of courses-continued Download PDF
  6. Fee for various purposes related to Affiliation of Colleges/Courses,etc- Revised w.e.f 2017-18 Academic year-Orders Download PDF
  7. Teaching Staff Profile - Unaided College - Order - Download PDF
  8. Guidelines for starting of Community Colleges Download PDF
  9. Order-Norms for starting unaided courses in aided colleges Download PDF
  10. Approval of Staff Profile (Principal/Teachers) of Unaided Colleges affiliated to Kannur University-Norms/Qualification fixed Download PDF
  11. University Order- Revised fee for affiliation of College/Courses/Permanent increase of intake, etc Download PDF
  1. Order - Ph.D Programme-Extension of time for the submission of Ph.D Preliminary Dissertation-2014-15 batch coursework candidates-sanctioned.-Orders issued. Download PDF
  2. Order - Ph.D. Programme--Part time research scholars-Attendance-Regulation amended-orders issued.-Download PDF
  3. Circular - Ph.D Programme - Permission to attend the research centre after the Completion of course work    -Download PDF
  4. Modified Guidelines for the conduct of Coursework Download PDF
  1. III Semester B.A/ B.Sc/BCom/B.B.A/B.T.T.M/B.C.A/B.S.W/Afzal ul ulama Degree Programmes-English Common Course - Syllabus and Model Question Paper Download PDF
  2. III Semester B.A English Language and Literature (Core Course)- Syllabus and Model Question Paper Download PDF
  3. Bachelor of Computer Application (UG) programme under choice based Credit and Semester System - updated Scheme and syllabus Download PDF
  4. Order - M Sc Wood Science and Technology Programme under CBCSS in the University Department - implemented from 2015 Download PDF
  5. Order-Changes in Nomenclature of the course under CBCSS offered in the University Depts and CBSS in the Affiliated Colleges- Mass Communication & Journalism(MCJ) to M A Journalism and Mass Communication w.e.f 2017 admission Download PDF
  6. Order-Changes in Nomenclature of the course under CBCSS offered in the University Depts.- Mass Communication & Journalism(MCJ) to Master of Communication and Journalism(MCJ) w.e.f 2015 & 2016 admission Download PDF
  7. Order - Two year Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) Degree Programmee- Regulation Scheme, Syllabus and Model Question papers implemented in the University Download PDF
  8. Order - BA Programme in Sanskrit-CBCSS-V Semester-5D01SKT-4-Title Modified- Download PDF
  9. Order - Regulations for post graduate programmes under CBCSS system in the departments modified w.e.f 2016 Admn.. Download PDF
  10. Order - M A Programme in Arabic Language & Literature - under Credit Based Semester System in Affiliated Colleges-Erratum-Orders issued. Download PDF
  11. Order - Implementation of Hrudayakumari Committee Report for PG Programmes under CBSS Download PDF
  12. Regulations for PG Programmes under CBCSS in the Schools/Departments of the University Download PDF
  13. University Order-Changes in nomenclature of the course- BATTM to BTTM- MTA to MTTM w.e.f 2014 admission Download PDF
  14. University Order-Implementation of Hrudayakumari Committee Report- Revised Regulation for UG Programmes under Choice Based Credit Semester System Download PDF
  15. University Order-Revised Regulation for P.G Programmes in Affiliated Colleges Download PDF
  1. Circular- Instructions - Online mark Entry of Practical Examination- UG & PG Examinations.Download PDF
  2. Order - Regulations for Revaluation/Issue of Photocopy/Scanned copy/Scrutiny of Answer Scripts of University Examinations for all Post Graduate Courses. Download PDF
  3. Order - BSc Nursing Course Non Completion of the course by the students within the 8 year time frame - Publication of the result of III and IV year Bsc Nursing Aug 2016_permission granted. Download PDF
  4. Introduction of single valuation with revaluation, recounting and scrutiny for the PG examinations Download PDF
    1. Order(i)-Sports grace marks for 3rd year degree students Download PDF
    2. Order(i)-Sports grace marks for 1st,2nd and 3rd year degree students Download PDF
    3. Order(i) - 2016-17 Academic year- VIth Semester Degree Course- Attendance shortage- condoned Download PDF
    4. Order(ii) - 2016-17 Academic year- VIth Semester Degree Course- Attendance shortage- condoned Download PDF
  5. Order - Permission to avail more than two supplementary chances in PG Courses for 2013 and aarlier Admissions. Download PDF
Appointment of assistant professor on contract basis
  1. Order - Termination and Re_engagement of Asst Professors on contract in the University teaching departments 2017-18. Download PDF
  2. Order - Enhancement of remuneration to Assistant Professorswith NET/Ph.D working on contract basis at the University teaching departments/Centres/Schools etc. sanctioned-orders issued.-Download PDF
  1. Guidelines for equating/recognizing degrees of other Universities/Institutions  Download PDF
  2. Order - Guidelines/Norms prepared by the Expert Committee for the recognition/ equivalence of degrees offered by other Universities in and abroad.-Download PDF
  3. Order- Guidelines for recognition/equivalency of PG Programmes of other Universities under the Faculty of Engineering Download PDF
  4. Order- Recognization of Higher Secondary Equivalency Examination of Board of Higher Secondary Examination Download PDF
Government orders
  1. Order -BSc Aviation and Hospitality in MM knowledge Arts & Science College, Taliparamba Download PDF
  2. University Endorsed the Govt. order- Kumara Pilla Commission report for economically backward. Download PDF
  3. Order - Higher Education - N O C to increase the SC/ST reservation in UG Courses in Govt. College, Mananthavady Download PDF


സർവകലാശാല പഠനവകുപ്പുകളിലെയും ന്യൂനപക്ഷ സ്ഥാപനങ്ങൾ ഒഴികെയുള്ള അഫിലിയേറ്റഡ്‌ കോളേജുകളിലെയും പ്രവേശനം 2020-21 അക്കാദമിക് വര്ഷം മുതൽ മുന്നാക്ക വിഭാഗങ്ങളിലെ സാമ്പത്തികമായി പിന്നാക്കം നിൽക്കുന്ന വിദ്യാർത്ഥികൾക്ക് ( Economically Weaker Section -EWS)10% സംവരണം ഏർപ്പെടുത്തി ഉത്തരവ് പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു