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Dr. Manjula Poyil

Assistant Professor


Qualifications :   MA In Ancient Indian History&Archaeology, B.Ed, NET, M.Phil Ph.D, Post Doctoral Research Awardee

Areas of Current Research Interest:

  • Ancient Indian Art& ; Architecture
  • Mural Paintings in India&a Kerala
  • Rock Art in India& Kerala
  • Heritage Monuments of Kerala
  • Archaeology of India&Kerala
  • Science and Technology in India

Contributions to Teaching:

Minor Research Project

Megalithic Tradition Among the Kurumbas of Attappady, Minor Research Project (UGC), 2013.

Research Award

Death, Funeral and Ancestors: Cult of the Dead and the Malabar Tribes, ICHR JRF for doing Ph.D,2004.

The Kurumbar of Kerala: Tribal Culture, Everyday Life and Megalithic Tradition, (UGC Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Research Award), 2014-2016.

In-Service Courses Completed

  1. Orientation Programme: Academic Staff College, University of Calicut (from 16-05-2012 to 12-06- 2012) and obtained ‘A’ Grade.
  2. Refresher Course in Human Rights& Civil Law (Multi-Disciplinary) HRDC, University of Kannur (from 28-04-2015 to 18-05-2015) and obtained ‘ A’ Grade.
  3. . Refresher Course in Summer School in Social Sciences &Humanities (Multi-Disciplinary) HRDC, University of Kannur (from 13/02/2020 to 26-02-2020 ) and obtained ‘ A’ Grade.
  4. Faculty Development Programme on Managing Online Classes and Co-Creating MOOCS:2:0 by Teaching Learning Center Ramanujan College, --University of Delhi-MHRD &PMMMNMTT SPONSORED from May 18 th to June 3 ,2020
  5. National Level Online Certificate Course on Environmental Sustainability by IQAC,IT CELL,ECO-CLUB, Govt. First Grade, College, Haleyangadi, Mangalore
  6. Online FDP ON MOODLE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM organised by IQAC& HRDC, Kannur University on 17th to 26th July 2020.

Membership in Professional Bodies

  1. Indian History Congress-Annual Member
  2. South Indian History Congress- Annual Member
  3. Life Member, Kerala State Human Rights Protection Cell on 25th April 2015 (Onwards)

Member of Councils/Bodies (Nirmalagiri College Kuthuparamba)

  1. IQAC- Executive Member (2013-2016)
  2. Women Cell, Secretary (2011-2012, 2012-2013&2013-2014)
  3. Career Guidance &Placement Cell, Secretary (2011-201), 2012-2013&2013-14)
  4. Women Harassment Prevention Committee, Secretary (2012-2013)
  5. Tutorial Committee, Mentor (2013-2014)
  6. Discipline Committee Secretary (2013-2014)
  7. Service Committee, Member (2013-2014)
  8. P.T.A, Treasurer (2013-2014)
  9. Research &Project Committee, Executive Member (2013-2014)
  10. Academic Counsellor of U.G&P.G Programmes for IGNOU(2011 -2015)

Department of History and Heritage Studies,Kannur University

  1. Women Cell, Executive Member, Mangattuparamba Campus (2016 onwards)
  2. Warden, Women’s Hostel, Mangattuparamba Campus(10-2-2016 onwards)
  3. Enquiry Officer (Enquiry Committee on Complaints by Students of Mental and Physical Harassments) (28th February-1st March 2017)
  4. Enquiry Officer (Enquiry on Suicide attempt by student)7th April 2017.
  5. Member, CIQA, Kannur University

6.Vice Chancellor Nominee-Selection Committee-Assistant Professor in History, Co-Operative Arts &Science College, Madayi.

7.Convenor, E.K Nayanar Chair For Parliamentary Affairs, Kannur University

  1. Member, Screening Committee-Selection of Permanent Teachers in History, Kannur University.
  2. Member, Evaluating and Approving Project Proposals submitted to IQAC, Kannur University.
  3. Local Treasurer,80th Session of Indian History Congress organized by Kannur University.

12.Convenor , Department Research Committee.-2018 Onwards

  1. Member &Convenor, Women Friendly Campus Committee, Mangattuparamba Campus
  2. Warden, Ladies Hostel, Mangattuparamba Campus from 2016 February Onwards.

Resource Person

  1. Workshop On Dictionary Concept In Historical Method (A Project under CPE 26 -28 March 2008).Presented themes on Pre-History, Archaeology and Race. (Organized by Post Graduate Department of History Farook College).
  2. UGC National Seminar on Peasnts, Tribals And Dalits In Colonial Malabar,3-4 November 2008. Presented a paper on Tribal Customs in Colonial Malabar.
  3. Presented a paper on Cheeru: The Kurumba Post Burial Funeral Ceremony,19th March2007 in Felicitation Function Organized by Department of History, Calicut University in honor of Dr.K.J.John, Dr.Kunhali V and E.K.G.Nambiar.

4 . Field Workshop on Megalithic Culture organized by SAP and Department of History Calicut University at Tiruvilvamala on 23-02-2012.Presented a paper on Ethnographic Record of Burials in Kerala.

5 Delivered Extension Lecture on Archival Studies and Documentation on 25thJune 2012 at the Postgraduate Department of History, Farook College.

  1. Delivered Extension Lecture on Every Day Life Among the Attappady Tribes: A Photo Documentary on 25th February 2016 at the Department of History, Nirmalagiri College, Kuthuparamba.
  2. Resource person of the local history workshop organized by EzhomGramaPanchayat for history students of colleges under Kannur University as on 7-10-2016 and introduced the book entitled GramacharithramUnarumol: EzhomGramaCharitram, which was awarded as the best work in local history instituted by Malabar Institute of Research Development.

External Expert

1.External expert of the viva voce examination of the second semester Postgraduate Diploma students of Archaeology conducted by Centre for Heritage Studies, Tripunitura on 1-03-2016.

2.External expert of the assessment committee meeting for evaluating the work of Shuvais .U, for the up gradation of his fellowship from JRF to SRF examiner in Department of History, University of Calicut on 24-09-2016

3.External expert of the assessment committee meeting for evaluating the work of Shamli,C.K for the up gradation of his fellowship from JRF to SRF examiner in Department of History, Farook College, Kozhikode, on 19-11-2016.

4.Judge of National Level Management Meet Accolade 2K16 on 16th&17th November,2016,Kannur University, Mangattuparamba Campus.

5.Member of Selection Committee –Selection of Course Co-Ordinator Distance Education, Kannur University.

6.Question Paper Setter for M.A Archival Studies and Documentation-P.G Department of History, Farook College, Kozhikode(Autonomous)

7.Member Expert Committee for sanctioning affiliation for M.Phil Course in History, Govt. Brennan College, Thalassery, Kannur University.

8.Chairman, Syllabus Framing in M.Phil Course in History, Govt. Brennan College, Kannur University.

9.Question Paper Setter P.G, History ,Kerala University &M.G University

10.Question Paper Setter, M.Phil ,History ,Calicut University

11.Question Paper Setter, Dewasom Board ,Kerala

12.Question Paper Setter, Kerala Public Commission

13.Academic Counselor of U.G&P.G Programmes for IGNOU(2011 -2015)

14.Editor Campus Magazine entitled Manushyanunarumbol 2018-19

15.External Expert, Appointment of Assistant Professors in History, Kannur University

16.External Expert, Appointment of Assistant Professors in History -SDE. Kannur University

Coordinator (Seminars/Exhibition/Quiz Competition/Refresher Courses)

  1. Nirmalagiri College Golden Jubilee Celebration Academic Seminar Series-One day Seminar on Malabar and National Movement: Ideology and Politics. On 23 October 2013.
  2. Organized Two Series of Regional Seminars under E.K.Nayanar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs on Tradition and Modernity: A Conceptual Analysis from 2/2/2016 to24/2/2016 and 17/10/2016 to 22/10/2016 respectively.
  3. Organized an intercollegiate quiz on Kerala and its Yesterdays on1/10/2016
  4. Organized a series of lectures on the topic Research Methodology in History as a part of utilizing grant (UGC XII Plan GDA grant to SC/ST) under the titleRemedial Coaching’from 10 to 28 January 2017.
  5. Organized a series of lectures on History as a part of utilizing grant (UGC XII Plan GDA grant to SC/ST) under the title Remedial Coaching from 1 to 26 February 2017.
  6. Organized a session on Counselling and Career Orientation in History in 14th August 2018.

7. Organized classes on the topic UGC/NET Coaching in History as a part of utilizing grant (UGC XII Plan GDA grant to SC/ST) under the titleRemedial Coaching’ from 23 February to 29, March2017.

  1. Organized a National Exhibition, named Itihasa and Seminar entitled Moyarath Sankaran, Life, Memory and Narratives on 27thFebruary 2017.
  2. Organized two-day’ national seminar on Parliamentary Democracy in India: Threats and Challenges on 30-31 October 2017 in association with the 60th anniversary of the formation of the state of Kerala, under E.K. Nayanar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs, under the department .
  3. Co-ordinated Specific Refresher Course in History ,UGC-HRDC, Kannur University, Thavakkara Campus -24-7-2018 to 13-8-2018
  4. Joint-Co-Ordinator National Workshop On Ecology, Culture and Heritage: Mapping Indigenous Knowledge Beyond Disciplines 14-16 March 2018
  5. Organized One Day National Seminar On Federalism and Democracy in Indian Higher Education in the Context of Scrapping of UGC-October 10,2018. under E.K. Nayanar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs, under the department .
  6. Organized Three Day National Seminar on Agrarian and Tribal Movements in North Malabar: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Discourses,5-7 February 2019

14 Organized Programmes (Seminar, Exhibition, Mega Quiz, Essay Writing Competition, Pencil Drawing, Competition ,Folk Fest and Field Trip) Under the banner of Gandhi 150 : Revisiting Mahatma in this New Age-Feb 18th ,19th ,20th ,21st Feb &9th March 2019 as per the direction of Chancellor of Universities of Kerala.

  1. Co-Ordinated Summer School in Social Sciences &Humanities-UGC /HRDC, Kannur University-6/3/2019-26-3-2019.
  2. Convenor, one day seminar entitled Draft National Education Policy-2019 on 27th August 2019 under E.K Nayanar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs.
  3. Organized Focus-Career Guidance and Counselling for students sponsored by IQAC. Kannur University,8th July 2019.
  4. Organized INSIGHT Training Programme sponsored by IQAC. Kannur University,15th July 2019.
  5. Organized 3 invited lectures of faculties from University of Erfurt, University of Stuggart and University of Berlin.(April 2019,May 2019&January 2020).

20. Organized Two days programmes of ITIHASA ,(History Association’s Annual Programme) (Seminar, Exhibition, Mega Quiz, Essay Writing Competition, ,Folk Fest and Medical Camp) on 27th &28th February 2020.

Workshops Attended

  1. 5 Day’s Workshop for Re-Constructing U.G Curriculum In History Sponsored by Kerala State Higher Education Council organized by the Board of Studies in History ,Kannur University at K.M.M Govt,Women’s College,Kannur on 10,11,12 and 19-20 March 2009.
  2. Training Progrmme “ E –Grantz” on 22-1-09 conducted by the Scheduled Caste Development at Hotel Parkin’s Auditorium, Kannur
  3. One Day Workshop on Parliamentary Awareness organized jointly by Institute for Parliamentary Affairs,Govt of Kerala,Thiruvanathapuram and E.K .Nayanar Chair for Parliamentary Affairs Kannur University at Senate Hall Kannur University on 15-05-2010.
  4. Attended Workshop for finalizing the Curriculum and Syllabus reconstruction of B.A History Programme under CCSS to be implemented in the affiliated colleges in Kannur University.
  5. Participated in the Three-Day Workshop on Practical Archaeology held at Kinalur, Balussery, Kozhikode organized by the P.G Department of History Govt. Arts and Science College, Kozhikode in collaboration with Department of Archaeology, Kerala sponsored by Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Kerala, from 6th to 8th January 2017. Dr. Selvakumar, Tamil University, Tanjore and eminent archaeologist, supervised the excavation and got gave coaching to in the techniques of excavation
  6. Participated in the Three-Day National Workshop on Management of University Administration jointly organized by Association of Indian Universities &IOAC,Kannur University.
  7. Participated in International Workshop and Erudite Lecture on “Language and Culture at the Interface of Pre-Modern Indian Ocean Trade Routes” organized by the Department of History,Government Brennan College,Thalassery in association with Kerala State Higher Education Council and KCHR from 15th to 16th February 2018

Sessions Chaired

  1. National Workshop entitled Tribal Myth and Life organized by KIRTHADS,25th -26th September,2018 .
  2. 7TH Annual International Kerala History Conference ,15-17 November2019 ,Sir Sayed College, Thaliparamba.

Heritage Monuments of Kannur District: A Preliminary Survey ( IQAC Sponsored-Project Work),at Datamatics,2019



  1. Homage to the Departed: A Study of Funeral Customs among the Tribes in Kerala, Other Books, Calicut, 2010.(ISBN978-93-80081-01-4)pp. (1-279), Foreword by Dr.Sheren Ratnagar.
  2. Heritage Monuments of Kannur District: A Preliminary Survey (IQAC Sponsored-Project Work), Datamatics, Mangattuparamba,2019, (ISBN978-93-5382-385-6)
  3. Editor-Proceedings of three days national seminar on Agrarian and Tribal Movements in North Malabar: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Discourses, Datamatics, Mangattuparamba,2019, (ISBN 978-93-5391-111-9)

Papers (in Proceedings/Journals/Chapters in Books)

  1. “Warrior as the Hero: Images from Hero-stone Inscriptions”, Proceedings of the South Indian History Congress, 26thSession, Bangalore, 2006 (ISSN), PP.484-487
  2. “Death, Funeral and Ancestor-Worship: A Survey in Historiography” in Kerala Spectrum: Aspects of Cultural Inheritance (Dr. K.J. John Felicitation Volume) edited by Charles Diaz, The Indo-Portuguese Cultural Institute, Cochin, 2006. PP.54-71
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  11. Archaeology of Death: An Approach to the Mortuary Rituals of the Attappady Kurumbas”, Proceeding Volume of the National Seminar on Archaeology of Kerala with Special Reference to Megalithic Culture, P.G Department of History, N.S.S. College, Manjeri& Archaeological Survey of India (Thrissur Circle) Sponsored by UGC, 2013,pp.1-18.

International Publications

  1. Way of Ancestors: Mortuary Practices of Kurumbar of Attappady, Kerala, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, (International Open Access Journal, Peer-reviewed, UGC approved Journal no 63975),ISSN 2349-5162,Vol.8,issue.3,March 2021,pp.1050-1061.
  2. Thantrasamuchaya: A Guide to Kerala Architecture, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, International Open Access Journal, Peer-reviewed, UGC approved journal no.43602, ISSN 2349-5138, Vol.8, Issue.1.March,2021,pp.16-24.
  3. Ethno-Archaeology as Embedded History: The Kerala Experience, International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities, ( International Open Access Journal ,Peer-reviewed, ISSN no.2582-4406,Vol.9,Issue.3,March ,2021,pp.63-70’
  4. Everyday Experience of a Fast Vanishing Tribe: A Study of Kurumbar of Attappady, International Journal of All Research Education &Scientific Methods, (International Open Access Journal , Peer-reviewed,ISSN:2455-6211,Vol.9,Issue.3,March-2021,pp.1505-1514.
  5. Teyyam Cult in Funeral Ritual : Kooliyattam of the Karimpalans, International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, ( International Open Access Journal ,Peer-reviewed, UGC approved journal no .490213(18),ISSN 2320-2882,Vol.9,Issue.4,April.2021,pp.61-68.

Working Paper

  1. “Funeral Customs among the Malabar Tribes: Towards Acculturation”, History Farook, Working Paper Series, No.3, Department of History, Farook College, 2007.

International/National Conference Proceeding


  1. “Death customs and economic deprivation: The Tribal Situation in Wayanad”, Conference Paper of Paniya Sadas, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram and University of Montreal, 2010, pp.215-227.
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  1. Reviewed an article entitled “Ethno veterinary Practices among tribes of Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu” for India Science Domain (International

National/International Seminars Attended/Paper Presented-

  1. International Seminar on Kerala Studies, 27-29 August at Thiruvanathapuram, 27-29 August, 1994.
  2. Indian History Congress at M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareielly from 28 to 30 December,2004. And presented a paper entitled Sculptural Representation on Hero Stones in Medieval Karnataka.

3 .U.G.C Seminar on Cultural History Of Malabar :From Early Settlements to The Formation of State Organised under SAP (DRS Phase -1) during 16th,17th and 18th February,2006.

  1. National Seminar on Vedas and Cultural Studies, 2008 March, 11-12.
  2. National Seminar on Peasants,Tribals and Dalits in Colonial Malabar from 3-4 November 2008 organized by Department of History,N.A.M College,Kallikkandy And presented a paper entitled Tribal Customs in Colonial Malabar
  3. 69th Indian History Congress at Kannur University, Kannur 28-30, December,2008, and presented a paper entitled Teyyam Cult and the Funeral Ritual of The Karimpalas of Kerala.
  4. One Day Seminar on Shared Heritage of the Dutch in Kerala Organized by Department of History and Heritage Studies, Kannur University in association with Malabar Institute for Research & Development,Vatakara at Senate Hall,Kannur University on 26th August 2009.
  5. An Introduction to Silparatna:The Monumental Work on Indian Art and architecture, presented in 72nd Annual Session In dian History Congress ,Cuttack,28-30 December.
  6. Ancestor Worship, Origin and Development: An Historical Perspective presented in Muthappan National Seminar,Kunnathurpadi,2018,May 5th
  7. Kurumbar ,Myth and Life ,presented in national workshop entitled Tribal Myth and Life organized by KIRTHADS,25th -26th September,2018 .
  8. Ethno -Archaeology As Embedded History: The Kerala Experience, presented in 7TH Annual International Kerala History Conference ,15-17 November2019 ,Sir Sayed College, Thaliparamba.
  9. Everyday Life of Megalithic Communities, presented in two day national seminar 19-20 November,2019 at Govt. Victoria College ,Palakkad.
  10. Ethno -Archaeology and Megalithic Traits: Everyday Experience of the Kurumbar of Attappady, presented in 80th Session of Indian History Congress ,28th -30th December,2019.